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                                                  Sunriver Men’s Golf Club
                                              COVID Temporary Rules
                                                   Effective June 15, 2020


The safety of our members is always our highest priority. With that and the current COVID
environment in mind, the Board has adopted the temporary rules covered in this document
with the intent of enabling our members to enjoy SRMGC golf and be safe in doing so.

These COVID Temporary Rules (CTR) are in addition to our Local Rules and Terms of
Competition (LR&TofC). In the event of any conflict between the two documents, these CTR
supersede any related items in the LR&TofC.

These temporary rules are effective immediately and shall remain in effect until further notice.
Sunriver Resort Guidelines and Requirements

SRMGC members must follow all guidelines and requirements announced by Sunriver
Resort including but not limited to social distancing, practice range procedures, etc. Failure
to do so will be considered a breach of SRMGC’s Code of Conduct and may result in an
immediate loss of SRMGC playing privileges.


Players are encouraged to walk and are not required to ride in a cart. Players may ride in a
cart if carts are available and provided they adhere to all of the Resort’s related requirements
(such as single occupancy).

Unraked Areas in Bunkers Are GUR

All unmaintained areas in bunkers (such as footprints, divots, animal hoof prints, etc) shall be
treated as ground under repair. Therefore, if a player’s ball lies in such an area, per Rule
16.1c, the player may take free relief by dropping a ball within one club-length of the nearest
point of relief in the bunker that is not closer to the hole, or, the player may take back-on-theline
relief outside the bunker with a one-stroke penalty. Players are encouraged to rake the
bunker after playing their ball out of it.

Flagsticks To Remain In Holes

Players are not to touch flagsticks and flagsticks should remain in their holes at all times.
There is no penalty if a player accidentally touches a flagstick – such as instinctually
removing a flagstick prior to putting (provided the flagstick is replaced in the hole prior to
putting), or touching a flagstick due to problems with the ball lift mechanism.

Holed Putts

The requirements for a ball to be holed are unchanged. For a ball to be holed, it must be at
rest in the hole with the entire ball below the surface of the putting green, or it must be resting
against the flagstick (or the lift mechanism) with any part of the ball below the surface of the
putting green. If a putted ball hits the flagstick (or the lift mechanism) and comes to rest
outside the hole, the ball is not holed. A player may use his putter to gently rotate the lift
mechanism away from his line of putt, or tap down the black disk, if he so desires.
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